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Dana Thomas Carvey was born on June 2, 1955 in Missoula, Montana to a Bud and Billie Carvey. Dana got his name because his parents were hoping for a girl, that they were going to name Dana and they got a boy so they named him Dana anyway. Dana has three brothers and one sister. He is the youngest brother out of his family. His other brothers and sister are named Scott Carvey, Mark Carvey, Brad Carvey and Lori Carvey. His sister is the youngest.
When Dana was three years old, he moved to San Francisco. It was the year 1958. Dana was funny at an early age. While living in California, he watched a lot of Jimmy Stewart and Johnny Carsen. He also liked the Beatles. He was watching the Beatles on tv and he had a real knack for doing the voice of Paul McCartney. He cracked up his family with his funny voices. From a very young age Dana was multitalented musically probably with a little help from his mother who was a musicion. His father was a high school teacher When he was twelve he recived a drum kit and things went on from there. Dana graduated from Carlmount High School in 1973 where he participated in school plays and was a runner on the track team, Dana began to proform stand up comedy in the San Fransisco bay area. He won the San Fransisco stand up compitition in '77 after he graduated from San Fransisco State University with a degree in communications. Some of his inspiration for his comedy came from the stand up of Lenny Bruce, George Carlin, and Carol Brunette. In the late 70's, Dana moved to Los Angeles and landed his first role in Halloween II. Although it was a small role, he got lucky. In 1982 Dana was finaly able to quit his job as a busboy when he moved to New York city and landed a role as "Adam Sheilds", Micky Roony's grandson and Nathan Lanes room mate in the NBC sitcome "One of the Boys". Fortunatly for Dana, "One of the Boys" was taped in the same studio as SNL, studio 8-h. This is first where Dana got to see the work of Joe Piscopo, Gilda Radner and Eddie Murphy. This is also where Dana was first introduced to Lorne Michaels, the producer of SNL. Unfortunately, OOTB didnt last very long. It was cancelled after only one season.
That very same year, Dana married Paula Zwaggerman
inwhich he is still married to. In 1984, Dana landed a role as "Clinton JAFO Wonderlove" which was a tv series of the movie "Blue Thunder". Fortunatley for Dana, the same year Dana got yet another small role as "Baby Face" in the movie "Racing with the Moon" that starred Elizabeth Mongomery, Sean Penn and Nicholas Cage.
In the same year, was a waiter alongside Billy Crystal in the hit comedy "It's a Spinal Tap".
Things were really lightning up for Dana in 1986 when he had the chance of being on the cast of SNL. The choices came down to him and Jim Carrey. Guess who won? Because he won the laughter of the audience with his comedic wit and dead on impersinations, Lorne decided to pick ol' Dana as a cast member over Jim Carrey. Dana turned out to be a living legend on SNL, one of them, that is. Now that Dana was a famous star, he got more attention from directors. He played Richie Evans in the movie "Tough Guys", which starred Kirk Douglas and Burt Lancaster in 1986. During his years on SNL, he created more notable characters, such as the Church Lady ('the first time I said, 'Well isn't that specail?', even I was shocked by the response'), Garth Algar form the hit comedy Wayne's World with Mike Myers as Wayne, and many more. Also, Dana's accurate impressions won the love of his fans. Such as George Bush Sr., Johnny Carsen, Jimmy Stewart, H. Ross Perot, Regis Philbin, Neil Young, Keith Richards, Paul McCartney, Dennis Miller, Robin Leach and more.
One year later Dana got to play the "Right Ventrical" in the movie "Cranium Command". The movie was not a huge success but it recieved a lot of good reviews. In 1990 Dana recieved his firsted starring role in the movie " Oppertunity Knocks" in which Dana portrayed a con man by the name of " Eddie" but the movie was not a secsess and did not recieve very many good reviews. After the flop of "Oppertunity Knocks ", Dana stuck mainly to stand up when he wasn't busy dedicating himself to Saturday Night Live. Also, in 1990 Dana won an American Comedy Award for being t.v's " Funniest Supporting Male". Dana won the very same award again in 1991. The movie making was put on hold after the birth of his first son Dex Carvey in 1991. Dex was named after a bottle of Dextrose, which was on the table when Paula and Dana were thinking of a name for their newly-born son. Then in 1992, Mike Myers and Dana teamed up to make the hit comedy, Wayne's World, then in 1993 they struck back with a Wayne's World 2. Later on that year, Dana got to host the MTV music awards in which he got to play the drums onstage with the band U2. Also in 1993, Dana celebrated the birth of his second son, Thomas Carvey. The name Thomas came from Dana's own middle name, Thomas. It was in 1993 that Dana recieved his first Emmy Award for " Outsanding Individual Performance in a Varitey or Music Program". Dana has been nominated six times in all for an Emmy. Then, sadly, in 1993, Dana left the cast of SNL. In 1994 Dana got his second starring role as "Maurice L. Puoge" in "Clean Slate" where dana portrayes a police detective with a memory loss problem. The second movie Dana was in was "The Road to Wellville" where he played the son of George Kelloge (Anthony Hopkins), the third movie he made in 1994 was "Trapped in Paridise" where he played "Alvin Firpo" along side Jon Lovitz and Nicolas Cage. All those movies did well in the box offices. In 1995 Dana displayed his talent for stand up comedy in the hilarous, one hour HBO special "Critic's Choice". That same year, Dana created The Dana Carvey Show which was a funny show, until it was cancelled because he kept on making fun of his producers and it had edgy humor, such as Bill Clinton with nipples and a hens behind. In 1997 while hiking withhis family in San Francisco, Dana began suffering from constant chest pains, On September 25th, Dana was admitted to Marin General Hospital where he recieved an angioplasty for a clogged artery but the chest pains continued. 1998 was a tough year for Dana after a second angioplasty, the death of his close friend Phil Hartman, and a double bypass surgury after the chest pains and the clogged artery failed to disappear. While undergoing a check up, the doctors told him that the surgeon that did his first angioplasty (Dana says that they called them 'Regises' at the hospital) did the wrong artery (Exsqueeze me? A baking powder?). Dana was outraged and waited for an apology from his first surgeon, while he underwent yet ANOTHER 'Regis' to fix the problem. The surgeon never apologized so Dana took him to court and sued him for 7.5 million dollars. Dana won the lawsuit and, since he didnt need the money, donated it to the childrens charity. Later that year, Dana was cast as a possesed referee for the Harlem Globe Trotters in SNL alumni Adam Sandler's new comedy " Little Nicky ". In 2002, Dana obtained yet another starring role in the childrens comedy "The Master of Disguise" The film is the first of Dana's the has been written by him and his friend, writer for "Duece Bigalow, Male Jigalo", Harris Goldberg. "The Master of Desguise", a Happy Madison production is set to be released August 2, 2002. Dana's newest film which won't be in theaters untill 2003, is an animated Dreamworks production called "Tusker". This film is about a herd of elephants which features the voice's of some of Hollywoods finest acters such as Morgan Freeman and Jodi Foster. Dana still lives with his wife Paula and two son's Tom and Dex in San Francisco still preforms his stand up comedy reguraly. It's also to be rumored that Dana's Lorne Michaels impression was stolen by Mike Myers and given to the character Dr. Evil in all the Austin Powers films. Dana and Mike are not talking anymore for that reason.

I also read somewhere that his mum was from Dublin and his dad was from Rome. So he's Irish and Italian. That's probably why he does such great Irish and Italian Accents.

His SPF is 50.

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